Work anyplace and anytime. Employees will no longer work at one specific place in the office, They will now be able to work from home or any other external location. The Cloud is the solution to do this, and still have safe access to your files.

There is no more use for Hardware and software licenses. For a fixed amount a month you will have all the features and software you would’ve had with your own hardware and infrastructure. This will give you an exact amount for your It costs a year.

The office environment  is offered to you online by virtualization. This will enable you to save on costs like: purchase- management- and electricity. And it’s not just the server itself, but also you don’t have to think, and pay, about an air conditioner or humidity control, You won’t need any of that. You don’t even need a separate Server room. The Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) will be greatly reduced without the loss of features or qualities.